Simply Giving


Now there are Four Methods to use Simply Giving

1. Your church offerings can be made weekly, every other week, or

monthly through electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings


2. Free Mobile Giving App enables your church offerings to be made

securely from anywhere, with1-tap. Plus, it's completely FREE!

3. Below is a Quick Response (QR) code. When you scan this barcode-like

QR code image with a smartphone's QR decoder, it will instantly connect

you to the mobile version of the church’s web page.  

"Scan to pay or give."

4. You will be able to use your Credit card at the Church.


There is much information some helpful and some not so helpful that is going around regarding COVID-19.  The leadership of First Lutheran wants you to know that we are keeping up on information and will keep you informed through e-mails, web-page and Facebook regarding any information.  If you have questions do not hesitate to contact Pastor Joyce, Paul Henriksen or Nancy Johnson.  

Here are a few of the steps we are taking at First Lutheran:

1. Hand sanitizer has been placed in different locations. Wash your  hands.  

2. When anything with food is part of event, food will only be handled by kitchen workers with gloves.  

3. Communion will be by individual cups and communion server will hand the bread and wine to you.  Communion servers WILL sanitize hands before communion

4. Offering plates will not be passed.  We will receive offering either at the door or when you come to receive Holy Communion.  

5. Sharing of the peace no handshaking.  Just a greeting.  Wave, cross arms across your chest. Or simply say peace.  Pastor Joyce will not be shaking hands following worship.  

6. Pastor Joyce will be making visits only if the people are open to that.  Boundaries will be respected.  Phone calls and text messaging will be used in pastoral care.  

7. Consider your spacing in the pews during worship.  Spread out and come on to the front of the sanctuary.  

8. No water will be in baptismal font unless a baptism.  

9. It is ok to stay home.

10. Pastor Joyce will be checking in with people to see how there are doing.  

11. Watch worship services on cable TV or listen on the radio

If you have any concerns please contact the COVID-19 hotline: (651)201-3920

Prayer during this time:  Heavenly Father, we pray for you to intervene to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We pray the virus would recede and that the numbers of those infected would decline rapidly. We trust you to intervene today with your loving care.  We pray for those who are sick, that they will have access to the care and treatment they need. We pray for those in isolation who are cut off from their normal routines and support systems, that they would seek their strength from you, Lord. We pray encouragement over the thousands in quarantine, waiting to find out if they have the virus or not. We pray for the health workers who are caring for those with COVID-19. We pray for their protection from the virus, for stamina during long or intense work hours.  Pray for grieving families who have lost loved ones to the coronavirus. Even as their hearts are breaking, we pray they would know your nearness and comfort. Amen.  


9:30 AM Sunday's 

401 7th Avenue SW 

Pipestone, MN 56164

Other Ways To Follow Services

On the Radio:

Tune in to 1050 am (KLOH, Pipestone) Sunday mornings at 10:30am to hear our radio replay of that day's service.

On Local Cable TV:

Our weekly service is broadcast on the Pipestone public access cable television channel 3:

Thursday's at 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 7:00pm.

Can We Pray For You?

If you have prayer concerns for our  prayer chain, please contact Ellie at the church office (825-5837) 


Coffee and Fellowship

Coffee and fellowship are an important part of Sunday mornings at First  Lutheran.  We are in need of people to serve the next few Sundays.  Please  contact the church office or Pastor Joyce if you can help out.

Everyone Is Welcome

We are all one body, one spirit, compelled by Christ to share his Word and the promise of salvation.

We welcome you to join us in worship.
We practice open Communion the first and third Sundays of every month at First Lutheran.
If you believe that Christ is truly present in the bread and wine,
his body and blood shed for you, you are welcome to our table.